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The Complaint

What to expect as a respondent

The Commission will notify you that it has received a complaint and will provide you with a summary of the allegations made by the Complainant. The Commission is committed to ensuring that you have a fair opportunity to respond and attempt to resolve the complaint.

The Chairperson may write to you seeking information about the allegations and requesting relevant documents. This could include witness statements, minutes of meetings, and copies of personnel files, medical reports or any other documents which will assist in resolving the matter.

If the Commission requests that you provide information or documents, you will be asked to provide this within a specific timeframe.

If you have still not responded or provided all of the requested information, you may be called in to appear before the Commission.

If the requested information is still not forthcoming, the Commission will initiate summary conviction proceedings against you.

The Commission also has power under the Act to request that persons or organisations appear before the Commission or attend conciliation.

The Commission may also provide the complainant with a summary of the information and documents that you provide to the Commission. This can help the Complainant in deciding whether to continue with the complaint.

Where appropriate, the Commission will invite you to participate in conciliation.

You do not need a lawyer to respond to the complaint although you may choose to do so. If you do desire the advice of a lawyer, it will be your responsibility to secure one.