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Currently, the R M&E Department is comprised of two functions/units; the research unit and; the monitoring and evaluation unit. These functions are specialized in their operations but linked to one another. The research arm provides overall leadership in socio-economic research on matters of equal opportunities as well as backstopping support to other departments/Units, while the monitoring and evaluation unit provides leadership in internal and external monitoring and evaluation of policies, laws, plans, programs, activities and practices, among others.

Functions and Duties of the Department, Research Monitoring and Innovation:

The function and duties of the department are derived from section 14(1) and (2(d), (e), (f), (g) and (h) of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act 2007. Broadly the department is charged with;
  • Monitoring and evaluating policies, laws, plans, programs, activities, practices, traditions, cultures, usages and customs of.
    1. organs of state at all levels;
    2. Statuary bodies and agencies;
    3. Public bodies and authorities;
    4. Private businesses and enterprises;
    5. Non-governmental organization, and
    6. social and culture communities for their compliance with equal opportunities and affirmative action and strengthening enforcement of equal opportunities concern at all levels.
  • Carrying out research on the Commissions mandate, organizing, coordinating and promoting workshops seminars, conferences and public discussion on equal opportunities and treatment in employment, education, social services or social culture construct of roles and responsibilities in society.
  • Developing, publishing and maintaining standards and guidelines for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating of equal opportunities policies, activities and programs.
  • Developing, publishing and maintaining standards and guidelines for research on equal opportunities issues.
  • Developing and implementing control and reporting systems on the implementation of equal opportunities policies.
  • Establishing and maintaining liaison with other organisations promoting equal opportunities through research monitoring and evaluation.
  • Development and preparation of Annual Reports on the State Of Equal Opportunities in Uganda.