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Mission Vision and Values

Our Mission.

To give effect to the state’s mandate to eliminate discrimination against any individual or groups of persons through taking affirmative action to redress imbalances and promote equal opportunities for all in all spheres of life.

Our Vision

A just and fair society where all persons have equal opportunity to participate and benefit in all spheres of political, economic, social and cultural life.

Our Core Values


The EOC as stipulated in the Equal Opportunities Act, 2007, and in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, Article 21, aims at promoting equal protection and treatment for all in all spheres of life.


The Equity principle is about just and fair practices. EOC will therefore ensure fairness and social justice in access, treatment, participation and enjoyment of opportunities.


The EOC treats all people justly and fairly to enhance their opportunities.


Members and staff of the Commission work with honesty and truthfulness in all undertakings


The EOC ensures that all those discriminated / marginalized are actively and meaningfully involved in all its programmes.

Respect for Human Rights

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 2005 Art 20-58 provides for the protection and promotion of fundamental and other human rights and freedoms. The Equal Opportunities Commission recognizes and promotes these provisions.


In conformity with the Constitution, the Act recognizes the diverse needs and attributes from different individuals and groups of people. It is sensitive to differences in sex, age, disability, faith, ethnicity, region, culture and choice.


The EOC is accountable to its stakeholders for all its actions and decisions.


Members and staff of the Commission work as a united and committed team in order to achieve the EOC set goals and objectives.


This principle is in recognition of the right of people to participate in development plans and programmes that affect them. The Act upholds this principle and promotes empowerment of all persons to ensure their active participation in development processes, and in public and private practices.


The principle of accessibility refers to a right of access to or affordable and convenient acquisition or use of a good or service. The EOC Act seeks to enhance affordable and convenient access to services.