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Legal Services & Investigations

The department of Legal Services and Investigations (LS&I) is charged with receiving, assessment and investigation of complaints, preparing complaints for tribunal hearings, conducting pre-tribunal sessions, conducting ADR sessions, that is, Arbitration, Reconciliation, & Mediation, monitoring Government of Uganda compliance with International and Regional Obligations with equal opportunities and making recommendations on issues to promote equal opportunities, provision of legal advice to the Commission and conducting legal and human rights research.

Functions and Duties of the Department

The roles of Legal Services & Investigation department are derived from the functions of the Commission under section 14(1) and (2(a), (b), (g), (h) and (3) & (4) of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act 2007. Broadly the department is charged with;

  • Receipt and registration of complaints concerning violation of equal opportunities.
  • Assessment of complaints for admissibility and viability of evidence, including writing relevant correspondences to the complainants and respondents.
  • Initiating and spearheading investigations into equal opportunities violations.
  • Advising the commission on legal complaints and appeals.
  • Advising the commission on legal issues pertaining to its operation as an institution.
  • Organizing Tribunal Sessions.
  • Organizing /facilitating Alternative Dispute Resolution sessions.
  • Giving legal advice to the public concerning equal opportunities.
  • Mobilizing legal aid services and establishing mechanisms for their accessibility by vulnerable groups through referrals.
  • Defending the Commission in liaison with the office of the AG against any suit.
  • Assessment of Laws, Bills and policies to ascertain their compliance with equal opportunities in accordance with international instruments to which Uganda is a State Party.