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Education, Training, Information & Communication

The Department of Education and Communications (E&C), is among the five established departments of the EOC. It is composed of two inter-related units; that is, Education on the one hand and Communications on the other; and is charged with delivering, sensitization and training workshops on equal opportunities, affirmative action and inclusive development, conducting public dialogues, carrying out visibility and awareness campaigns on the Commission and its mandate.

This department is mandated to carry out the following activities:

  • Develop the communications strategy.
  • Develop and propagate information, education and communication national wide for awareness purposes.
  • Review customs and traditions issues that undermine equal opportunities.
  • Hold community and public dialogues pertaining to equal opportunities.
  • Establish information and educational progammes to facilitate and promote public awareness on understanding of equal opportunities.
  • Carry out media campaigns through radio and television talk shows and mainstream media.
  • Designing and implementing training programmes.
    Handling the Commission’s external and internal communication and dissemination of information.