by Kevin

Equal Opportunities Commission held a stakeholder meeting with National Council for Disability on Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 at the EOC office in Bugolobi. The meeting was attended by officials from both EOC and NCD.

The Chairperson EOC, Mrs. Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi expressed her gratitude towards NCD for accepting to engage with EOC in order to fulfill its mandate of redressing imbalances and promoting equal opportunities for all. She revealed that issues of Persons With Disability (PWDs) should be handled well by the Commission with equity and inclusive development.

The meeting was intended to strengthen the EOC-NCD working relationship, network and pursue a common goal in amplifying the voices of PWDs in Uganda.

Hon. Asamo Hellen and Member Zaminah Malole (middle) with officials from EOC and NCD

Member Zaminah Malole a Member of the Commission representing PWDs said, ‘We reiterate our commitment to work with you as we embrace this journey of redressing imbalances and promoting Equal opportunities for all. It is significant for us to re-echo the EOC mandate because we find the NCD mandate similar. The rights of PWDs should be promoted.’

Hon. Asamo Hellen MP Northern Region representing PWD’s revealed that whereas the EOC mandate is wide, the marginalised people are PWDs.  She added that EOC should make a stand and make a change on PWDs. She further encouraged the two bodies to develop a Memorandum of Understanding and draft a schedule to meet quarterly so that the MoU is used as a working document.

Mr. Jackson Atria, the Head of Programmes at NCD expressed his gratitude towards EOC for meeting them as a joint team. He appreciated the role EOC plays in redressing imbalances and promoting equal opportunities for all. He stressed the need for increased Government funding in order for the Council to fulfill its mandate.

He is hopeful that, ‘If we begin to work strategically with other organisations we are likely to achieve more as opposed to working alone. He added, ‘It is important to explore different opportunities as regards collaboration/partnership. We shall appreciate each other’s roles and work together to address the equity aspect especially that which includes disability.’

Officials from both entities during the meeting.

Mr. Kamya Julius the Commissioner Education, training and Communication at the EOC revealed that, ‘When challenges of PWDs are raised, we are together with you in this struggle. There is a lot of discrimination and marginalization going on with PWD’s.’

It was agreed by both entities that a framework for collaboration be generated, and a MoU drafted. Gender partnership should appear in the MoU.

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