Ms. Zaminah Malole

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Ms. Zaminah Malole
Equal Opportunities Commission

Ms. Zaminah Malole

Ms. Zaminah Malole is one of the pioneer Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission which was inaguarated on the 5th of July 2010. She is a specialist on issues of equal opportunities and affirmative action for the marginalized groups, human rights, social inclusion, disability management and development. In her effort to ensure equalization of opportunities, she has also been instrumental in influencing government to adopt legislations for physical accessibility, inclusion of gender and equity compliance in government budgeting, previewing of laws and policies to make them equal opportunities compliant.

Her undisputed knowledge and experience on issues of accessibility and inclusion for the marginalized groups is indeed a well cherished asset for value addition to the Equal Opportunities Commission and Uganda’s steady economic, social sustainable development.

Ms. Zaminah Malole has served in various capacities. As a senior administrator, a lecturer in both the faculty of management studies and social work and social sciences in Islamic University in Uganda and other institutions. She is a distinguished fellow of Tilberg University in the Netherlands and contributes to a research program “Globalization, Aging, Innovations and Care” (GAIC).

Founder member of the Union of Muslim Women and Member of the National task force in Uganda on the Gender and Equity Compliance Certificate.

In her early years of service, she served in capacities as top administrator and board member of various education institution and her passion to save humanity is derived from her commitment to achieve success and changing lives for the marginalized and discriminated in society.